"Climate Nomads" is a project I created for the climate crisis. Based on Mark Lynas' 'Six Degrees', I discovered a special colony called the Climate Nomads, which lost their homes due to wildfires caused by the Climate Crisis. In my opinion, probably from the current situation, the emergence of this group is pessimistic; but in the future, human beings becoming climate nomads could be a new survival way. Inspired by the Bible, I decided to create an amphibious tool for the future climate nomads which I named ‘The future Noah's Ark'. This tool will be able to move around and serve as a house for climate nomads living in and migrating from their homes. I hope that through this project, I can express to people that we should keep looking for hope and never lose our faith in looking forward.





In the form of my illustration, there are also other points that I am not very satisfied with them. I have always been in my comfort zone, I used monotype and printmaking techniques and the painting methods that I often used in the past to create images. So I think I can have the opportunity to explore new techniques in the future, instead of staying in the same place.

I hope I can finish the "Zoological Museum" which I wanted to do at the beginning, so I can introduce the impact of the climate crisis on animals in a more comprehensive way. "Zoological Museum" will introduce the extinction caused by the climate crisis through the first perspective of animals, calling on people not only to focus on themselves but also need to think more about the development of the earth.

For the “Animal Museum” I will display children's books and a small animation to kids so that they can learn how important the climate crisis is in a relaxed way, which is the reason why I've used a variety of colours and hand drawings in this project. Whether the climate crisis or history, I'm always trying to find a suitable way to present them to children. Children have the right and need to learn from an early age about the state of the world they live in and their responsibility.








Setting & Draft


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