The name of my work is Human Surviving. I create a comic to tell a story about parting to arouse people’s attention to the climate crisis. If people don’t take any action to mitigate it, what will the earth be like one day in the future? The story is set in the future when the climate is bad. The glaciers are melting away, and the freshwater and air resources are scarce. The earth is no longer suitable for life. The protagonist is a plant enthusiast and he keeps a mechanical bionic flower. He heard that there was a kind of plant, Bi An Hua, growing on the seashore in the far Southeast. Then he began his journey to find it. When he eventually arrived at the seaside, there was nothing except the endless sea. I wanted to convey the feeling of loneliness and despair, so as to arouse the audience’s thinking. Bi An Hua, the flowers and leaves never meet, was used to imply the relationship between humans and extinct creatures. Therefore the interaction of the bionic product strengthens this sense of regret and the flower became one of the major visual elements in my story afterward. I found that the original and desolate atmosphere is difficult to achieve through editing and post-processing of existing materials. But, the means of comics allowed me to fully show the story in my mind without being restricted by objective conditions.

Process journey

I tried several methods to convey my concept. The original idea was to create a mechanical bionic flower, then I used this flower to be visual element to create a short video, and the final work was a piece of comic.

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