If the world doesn't have beautiful things like flowers, what is it going to be? Or the garbage that overflows in the world will replace flowers? In contemporary society, human activities such as deforestation, industrialization, waste and garbage are driving the global warming trend observed since the mid-20th century. It makes a lot of items that can't be recycled. In this poster, I reflect on the world between present and future by using the mirror as a transition, called the ‘Reflection of flowers’. The highlight is the flowers that represent the aesthetic of nature. This symbolizes the good environment of this world. The flowers are fresh and colorful. On the other hand, the flowers in the mirror turn into monotone flowers, which are made from trash. Additionally, this trash is the outcome of humans’ activities that are previously mentioned. The water in the vase is clean water, whereas the water in the mirror is wastewater that looks dirty and contaminated. Furthermore, the withered flowers on the ground are turning into garbage. Overall, it is apparent that the modern world is colorful, while in the mirror it reflects the monotone matching the quote in the picture, “The future will either be color or not at all.” This poster is for questioning awareness of nature’s values. What do you prefer for our future? Flowers or garbage? The beautiful world can be saved by the trivial actions of humans. For instance, we could help the world by recycling garbage or using fabric bags instead of plastic bags.

The Reflection of Flowers

Sketchbook and Process of Creating Project

Meaning of The Project

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