Now the climate crisis is significantly changing the ecology of the ocean. Not only is fishing becoming the biggest threat to marine ecosystems, but discarded fishing nets and gear are responsible for a large proportion of plastic pollution. My design inspiration comes from this. Similarly, when it comes to the environment of climate crisis, the garbage in the ocean is a kind of parasitic plants, and you know the large-scaled production and the random disposal from human beings are the accelerate their growth. Someday they will probably replace the marine life in the sea. Considering this, I intend to make a series of brooches out of these ‘rubbish’ from the ocean, which look like sea creatures, and this rubbish is an affordable alternative to products made by marine creatures. So I chose copper wire and copper mesh and combined them with Organza. On the other hand, I want to remind human beings through my works that if we did not pay attention to the protection of the marine environment, we would become the next substitute to some more advanced creatures.

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