The work "If We" is based on the theme of the impact of the climate crisis caused by the haze on the human heart. Because we live in a world where technology and industry are developing rapidly, such rapid development is also causing us great harm. Film is an art that can easily make people empathize with it. The motive of this work is to show people that if we continue to destroy the climate, it will lead to great disasters. There are two parts to my short film. The first part is a scene where people miss each other because of the haze, and the second part is where people protect the environment and the haze finally disappears. And I used DAVINCI color mixing software to show the black and white tones in relation to the hazy weather, while in the second part I used purple as well as pink tones to show the weather without the haze. It was especially helpful to find a suitable way to solve the problem. I have great expectations for the future because I can learn a lot of things in school to accomplish my future goals.

If We—Zeshen Yin

Director: Zeshen Yin Screenwriter: Zeshen Yin Actor: Chunxiao Lyu, Zeshen Yin, Sam Wang Photographer: Zeshen Yin Eiditor: Zeshen Yin Music: Ø-the tumbled sea

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