In this project, I made a handmade model representing the earth. As we know, the structure of the earth is roughly divided into four parts: Crust, Mantle, Outer core, and Inner core. I insisted on using the garbage generated in our daily life as the main material to complete this model. The "harder" crust and inner core, I used tissue or old newspaper mixed with white latex to express. For a “softer” mantle and outer core, I used pieces of plastic bags to express. I have seen many environmentalists on the Internet condemning tourists' behavior of littering in scenic spots. My original intention of making this model is to remind people to pay attention to environmental protection. My model is made entirely of "garbage", I hope this "garbage" earth can remind people to protect the environment and not let our earth really become made of rubbish in the future. Handcrafting is not my strong suit. In my major, I usually need to relate my work to architecture or space. So, I have many shortcomings in this project, I welcome everyone to comment on my work, I am open-minded in this regard and it can make me improve.


Analysis of materials

Allocate materials according to the structure of the earth

Model making steps

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