Poster of environmental protection demonstration

My work is a demonstrate poster about environmental protection. It is a model of the impact of climate warming on the earth by using the melted ice cream to simulate the melting glaciers All the designs are done by my hand. I hope to remind people payattention on global warming and establish environmental awareness through poster publicity.The whole inspiration comes from the disaster film in 2009 ‘we were warned’, and in posters. It is easy to see that it is tsunami, earthquake and volcanic eruption. After watching the film, I am full of worries about the future Earth environment, so that I always remind myself to protect the surrounding environment. The topic I'm doing now is about global warming. Before the design, I knew some news about the temperature in China and London had reached a new highest level this year. In the UK, air conditioners are sold out. In this background, I made a mind map to spread my ideas.For example, the main factors causing climate warming are environmental pollution and a large number of exhaust emissions.

Out come

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