I was learning about some information about the climate crisis.Nowadays the global warming is very serious and effect us.I wanted to appeal to people that we should take actions to change the climate.As a graphic student,I did some visual posters for the main idea of climate crisis.I always like to observe the life and to see if we could find some special details around us.For this art work,I did some researches and put the patterns of trees,lands and virus.I used Photoshop to make special materials of plastic mashes and leaves.For me it was easy to illustrate them as graphics.And I was a art student in high school,I studied drawing at that time.I thought the Graphic design was easy for me.Actually,I just watched some exhibitions in my hometown which were not very famous.I knew the differences between the real artists and me though some art works of them.And in my works,we can see the colors I used was very bright.I am good at using bright colors to express the ideas.Also, for a graphic student,the posters are normal expressions.People will be attracted by my colors and posters when they see them for the first time.And they will notice the words on them.That is a kind of ways to advertise.This is the first art project in my UAL learning journey.It is quite small but strong for myself.I know it will takes a long time to do an art project.But it is really interesting when you start to learn about the world in your ways.

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