In my work 'Memory', I wanted to reflect on the destruction of nature and human civilisation due to climate deterioration, and then use some natural elements to organise strong visual contrasts that would inspire awareness and responsibility for the climate crisis and environmental protection. My work tells the story of how increased global warming has caused glaciers at the poles to melt and sea levels to rise, flooding all the land inhabited by humans, while the surviving humans use industrial waste to create buildings suitable for human habitation and the means of transport they use. A girl arrives by boat at the top of the tower and pulls out a photograph her grandmother took decades ago, while the landscape is breezy and green, a stark contrast to the reality of the submerged and polluted scene. I wanted to express a reflection on the process of industrialisation and the preservation of nature and the earth's climate. I used some industrial elements in my work, such as smoke, flooded cities and shades of grey, to express the loneliness and lifelessness of the environment. Through the close-up of the girl's two eyes and the vibrant natural landscape I wanted to express the responsibility of mankind in the face of such great change and to raise the question of whether development at the expense of the natural environment is worth it.

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