My project is a dolphin born in garbage. There is a lot of marine garbage now, which can completely affect the marine ecological environment and even affect the marine climate change. First of all, most of the marine garbage is plastic products, most of which float on the sea surface, and the area of garbage accumulation is very large, which leads to the reduction of ocean evaporation, the reduction of rainfall on the mainland and the dry climate. Second, animals will eat some plastic garbage, causing the garbage to become plastic fragments, and the fragmented garbage will release harmful gases more easily, leading to climate warming and changing the temperature of ocean currents. So I went to make a dolphin made of garbage to try to warn people not to throw rubbish into the sea. First of all, I made a dolphin frame out of wire and nylon, and then filled the frame with some rubbish that we can often see, such as packaging bags, such as plastic garbage tape.Then seal the outer outline with a plastic film and put the dolphin into the water.Finally, I used Photoshop to add an environment around the dolphins and added some extra pictures of marine life trapped by plastic to show the effect I wanted. I hope my work can bring some warning to people, let people pay attention to the protection of marine hygiene, stop littering into the sea, let the problem of marine garbage end at the source, and do not let the destruction of the marine environment bring more serious climate problems.

My project is about the climate crisis caused by marine garbage

I was stunned by the results of these studies. There is so much rubbish affect the environment and climate of the earth in places that people can't see.

I will analyze my research on this project.

I plan to make a device, a dolphin full of garbage

Used photoshop to add my mind environment in this picture

I discuss the review and future of this project

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