Chinese medicinal materials are a series of natural medicines summarized by Chinese sages and have a wide range of medical applications. However, due to the development of modern science and the tortuous history of modern China, the development of Chinese medicine is in a difficult situation-the inefficient use of raw materials has led to the general low profit of Chinese medicine-related products. Through my own expertise in Chinese medicine and research on the Chinese medicine industry, I found that the huge amount of medicine waste that is usually discarded by factories has the possibility of being reused. Combined with the new extraction method, the dregs of various types of medicinal materials can be obtained instead of the traditional mixed dregs, which provides new possibilities for reuse. Combining with the special phenomenon of China's urbanization process; the culture of the ‘village in the city’, it is found that this type of area has a special demand for mosquito avoidance (low cost, low toxicity, and degradable). Through a series of tests and screenings, I selected 7 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine residues that have the effect of repelling mosquitoes. Mixed with natural adhesives and pressed into a solid insect-shaped medicine block product, it is designed to repel pests while retaining the special urban memory of the pests flying in the villages in the city.

The life of Chinese herbs

Extraction Method Research & Research on social needs


Production Process


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