The central concept of the project is extended from my personal experience. As I grew up, I strongly felt the change in temperature, which was increasing every year. My hometown, Taiwan, used to be known as the Coral Kingdom because it has approximately one-third of the world's coral reef species. However, due to the high temperature, it faces the danger of bleaching. More personally, my Chinese name 'shan' is the meaning of coral. These are the main factors in why I responded to the climate crisis with the topic of coral bleaching. This project attempts to alarm society about the coral bleaching phenomenon with a comparative approach. The main image is the blue sky with white clouds and the bleaching coral beneath the sea, which share similar colours. However, they represent contradictory contexts at the same time. The top image is generally considered vibrant and vivid. Like it is a lovely sunny day for travelling and enjoying life. By contrast, the bottom image symbolises that some lives are disappearing gradually. It is a greatly ironic reflection of the opposite status that land and sea are happening simultaneously.

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