My project is mainly about climate crisis-the climate warming, my theme of this project is the gradually disappearing ice layers.  Climate warming will melt the ice layers and make more and more Antarctician animals lose their homelands. Climate warming is caused by many reasons. I read a book called ‘Understanding Environmental Pollution’ (Hill,2004), and it describes how human daily activities and some pollution caused by human beings affect the earth's environment and lead to climate warming.     I collected a lot of plastic powder waste from factories and used this recycled waste plastic powder to create some new materials by combining it with many different materials. I used them to do some experiments to simulate the process of glacier melting. I added temperature changing powder and photochromic ink into my experiment to simulate the discoloration and melting of glaciers when the temperature and the sunlight rises.  The material I created was similar to the ice layers which both have strong effects in temperature changes and sunlight.    Finally, I used materials I created from the experiment , to replace the ice layers on the poster which originally belonged to polar bears to make this poster to form a warning visual effect.  

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