This project shows how to upcycle materials. My purpose is to show the possibility of upcycling coffee grounds. I first organized the general waste that can be easily found in my house, and I thought about what types of food I usually eat and drink. Then I found out that the demand for coffee has increased due to changes in life patterns in modern society. Environmental problems have grown with the increase in demand. In my artwork, coffee grounds are organic substances form which 0.2% of the coffee is extracted and the remaining 99.8% thrown away. This creates a large amount of waste, close to 150,000 tons, and this generates a large amount of CO2 when it is thrown away as general waste and incinerated. It generates 34 times as much heat as carbon dioxide which affects the rapid rise in the Earth’s temperature. The reason why I selected coffee grounds is that there is a project that is currently taking place in Korea. It makes coffee clay using organic coffee and uses it as bricks, pots, furniture, sculpture, and fertilizer. What these materials mean is general waste. I collected things that are easily found in our daily lives and mixed them with the coffee clay, which mean the situation for bury the waste. I decided to create an Irregular stone shape to maintain a more natural shape, and it means the earth was no longer round. This represents my idea that global warming is not round by melting and breaking the Earth. Irregular stones were mixed with various materials, creating waste stones embedded in the earth, which meant parts of the earth flowed down and smashed. I think this project could become a new trend around the world. Because people like beautiful and fragrant things and through climate change, we feel firsthand that the Earth's environment has changed a lot, so I think people will be able to work together with interest if we promote this project more. Also, people should be aware of climate change and be prepared for it.


A broken Earth


A broken Earth Sketch

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