The climate crisis become a really serious problem nowadays. and the animals are also suffering some disasters caused by the climate crisis. As a result, the biodiversity are declining day by day. In this project I create an installation to appeal people to be conscious of the issues of biodiversity and climate crisis. I use an earth-shaped candle, a jar, and some animal toys to make a metaphor , and use video form to imitate the process of animals are suffering the disasters caused by the climate crisis and the biodiversity gradually declines.It can be divided into three parts. The earth-shaped candle, the jar, and the animal toys. The earth-shaped candle is easy to be understanded. The jar represents the living environment or inhabitants.With the light of the candle, the temperature raises, candle melts, the wax dropped to these animal toys, which represents animals suffered from the disasters caused by the climate crisis, when the candle melt off and fall down into the animals, these animals are covered by the wax. It represents they died out.

Count down

A project created by Lechen Zheng

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