Nowadays the weather is hotter and hotter. It may be because of global warming. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gas emissions. People burn fossil fuels and released a large amount of carbon dioxide, then it leads to the temperature of earth rising. It would cause many disasters, like melting glaciers, forest fires, and drought. It has threatened people’s lives. So I decide to make an artwork which is about melting. I collected some photos which are about drought, forest fires, and melting glaciers. I thought these photos can directly reflect the impact of global warming. Then I collected some petroleum-related photos, and I found some artworks that have the texture of petroleum and the feeling of melting, these works look full of death and despair and some painful struggles So I decided to work in this direction. I planned to combine the melt with the oil and make the oil appear to drip. After some thought, I drew a melting human head. One side is a skull because the skull symbolizes death. On the other side of the skull is a melting human head. It means that global warming is causing human beings to gradually die out. I used ZBrush to create this work, ZBrush is a 3D digital carving software. Firstly, I created a ball because the ball is closer to the basic shape of the skull. Then I sculpted a general outline of a skull. It looks rough at this stage. Then I added some details such as some bone textures and some cracks to make it look like a real skull. In the process, I consulted a lot of sources and artworks by artists to make the details of the skull as accurate as possible. The orange color was inspired by some pictures which about forest fire and drought. At the same time, orange also reflects a sense of unpeaceful. As a result of this project, I realize that global warming will threaten our next generation.

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