This collage illustrates the environmental changes caused by climate change and also educates people that planting trees can be one of the mitigation options for climate change. The work can be roughly divided into two parts. The lower half of the collage shows a person sitting casually in the sun on a deck chair, but the sea has risen to her balcony.It's ridiculous but realistic. It’s an implication. In fact, many people are aware of the harm and negative impact of the climate crisis, but few actually take action to change it. The upper part of the work is an ideal world filled with various trees and creatures, it’s a world imagined based on expectations for future of our natural environment. I hope our world will be built like that so I design it. In addition, there is a ladder suspended from above, which is the passage to that ideal world. This is conveying a positive vision to the audience, which also means that people need to change their awareness and actions to achieve an ideal world of natural harmony.

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