Nowadays, the climate crisis could be called as a global issue. This issue causes a widely effects not only on nature but also on humans. The climate crisis causes a severe impact on nature to be demolished and also affects human health. According to the news I read, deforestation is regarded as one of the main constituents that cause the climate crisis. The reporter mentioned that there is a sharp decline in the forest area due to human activity which is one of the substantial sources of an increase in temperature. Therefore, to heighten awareness among people about this issue by using artwork, I choose to do the sculpture. I strongly believe that sculpture is one of the most powerful ways to represent my intention to this issue as well as the ability to portray a three-dimensional model. The name of my artwork is 'cut down tree cut down life'. This piece of art is a sculpture consisting of clay and aluminium foil. To illustrate the concept of deforestation I decided to sculpt a tree which has a shape resembling the Earth. Moreover, there is a human hand holding an axe cutting down the tree which has a human heart embedded in it. Those elements were made conscious of the circumstance of deforestation not only destroying the earth and our environment but also killing ourselves too.

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