The climate crisis has increased the risk of forest fires, caused massive melting of Antarctic glaciers and displaced animals. This is the design for paper rolls and milk bottles, Use of environmental biological stain were printed on roll paper each tree pattern, whenever people to use roll paper, just like cut off a tree at the same time to remind people to save paper resources and raise their awareness of environmental protection. Milk bottle label using flat design style, but the Antarctic pattern and the polar bears is the transparent label, When the bottle was full of milk, we can see the outline of the outline of the Antarctic and polar bears, but after we gradually after drinking the milk, the pattern of the Antarctic will gradually disappear, like the Antarctic ice and snow melting gradually, The patterns of polar bears show patches of floating ice and a cracked polar bear is shown in the label on the bottle, implying that if some changes are not made as now, the extinction of polar bears will be inevitable. if polar bears disappear altogether, only patches of floating ice would remain in the Arctic.

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