Related to my profession, I am a metal sculptor. So I choose copper as the main media in this artwork Lovely FEAR, and I use contemporary metal craftsmanship combined with other materials such as plastic mesh and barnacle. The way barnacles grow and spread inspires me to think of the rapid development of human civilization and the destruction of the environment. People keep exploiting things as long as they find something to develop. It is just like barnacles that stick to pretty much anything they meet and then multiply and cover increasingly large surface areas. In my artwork Lovely FEAR, I use a barnacle as a metaphor for human activities that cause climate damage and hope to convey a warning to the public about the crisis. This artwork can be seen as a small module. In my imagination, there will be more pieces, covering and spreading over the floor and walls of the whole space. As the title "Lovely FEAR" means, it is lovely if we only look at a single piece, but it can make people feel disgusting or even fear if it spreads out into a great collection, which is like human activities causing the climate crisis.

Lovely FEAR_01

Lovely FEAR_02

Lovely FEAR_03

Lovely FEAR_04

Lovely FEAR_05

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