I named this work ‘Earth’s Self-save’. In this project, I want to share a idea that the climate crisis is a way for the plant to save itself. After some researches from watching the documentaries to find the power of nature, I depend on the rainy climate of my hometown to make it. You can see these materials which are common and all from our daily lives, and i want use transparent and white materials to do a work with fragile. This whole work can be as an ecological environment, there has water, soil and Biology. Its main materials are medical facilities, because for human, medical facilities means save lives. Dried flowers, a burnt bottle and glues in a melted state all mean a feeling of water shortage, the burnt black part can also be a symphony of angry emotion. When I filled the water, I noticed an amazing phenomenon that the water gradually changed from clear to dirty which became the yellow water and this color came from these flowers. So i added some subsidiary parts to created a Circulating device. When the flowers of Syringe was lack of water, i could siphon a little from the bottle, Similarly, I could also fill the bottle with water by pushing the flowers. Isn't the earth feeding these flowers also a way to save itself when the soil dries up? And last part is three small medicine bottles which represent different forms that the rain may become in the nature. Through this artwork, I hope it can arouse people’s attention to feel the fragility and hope of our plant.

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