My inspiration came from a study I saw on the Internet, which found that there was an ancient connection between the anemone gene and the human hearing gene. The sea anemone, as a low invertebrate, is affected by the double effects of sea water temperature rise and sea water acidification and it will be the first to react to these changes. My artistic response is a ring. In the early stages of my project, I tried to use 3D modelling, wool balls and other materials, but I found that they cannot achieve the feeling of flexibility I wanted to achieve. After experimenting, I chose a method of adding temperature sensitive colour changing powder to light clay and squeezing it through lace to represent anemones. After the mixture has dried and hardened, the colour will become pale, or even white, to human touch. This change is intended to reflect the effect human activity is having on the whitening of sea anemones. My work is a starting point – a reminder and an exploration of the threats posed by global warming. I hope that the work can act as a kind of reminder and warning of the need to pay attention to environmental protection while developing.

sea anemone

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