Through my work, I attempt to discover the human awareness of protecting the environment, in order to solve the global weather problems. The climate crisis has affected every aspect of human life, specially the biggest problem we are facing is the global warming. The current average global temperature has increased 1.1°C compared with the last century. If this warming trend continues unchecked, it could have devastated humanitarian, ecological and economic impacts, leading to food shortages, fires, rising sea levels and extreme weather. Living in the UK in recent years, for example, I too have felt the impact of the climate crisis acutely. In this summer, the highest temperatures in the UK reached nearly 40 degrees. This also has a direct impact on local jobs, traffic, schools, and life safety. The heat at home is unbearable even with the air conditioner on, so in my work I wanted to express that the rising temperatures brought about by the climate crisis make people rely on air conditioning and cold air to stay alive. In a dying style, I want to express that if people do not solve the climate crisis, the end of the consequences will be death. This situation has led me to reflect on my own behavior, and I am trying to promote and call attention to the consequences of the climate crisis through images, as well as explaining how the climate crisis will be exacerbated if people emit heat for a long time. Therefore, in my work I want to explain the recent reliance on air purifiers or air conditioners through breathing, while overlooking the environmental pollution and vicious cycle brought about by these tools. At the same time, it is also a warning to people, calling for low-carbon travel and recycling.

“I'm breathing”

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