“Whether in times of epidemics or the context of the climate crisis people need to look and re-look at their lives. We should perhaps look at the ordinary things around us and soothe our souls”. In response to the urgent issue of climate change, I have created artworks on the theme of flowers. In my plan, it was supposed to be an installation but it is only a flat two-dimensional design at the moment. I love flowers as vibrant plants all the time, meanwhile, I choose flowers as a response to climate change because I believe that the ecological environment where we live is as beautiful and fragile as flowers so we should protect nature and be concerned about climate change. In my design, these curved flowers are made of unfired colored clay and in the stem part, I wanted to use recycled plastic. I chose clay because it is malleable enough to produce flowers that are elaborated in shape but weak in the unfired state. This contrast between pretty appearance and breakable quality is exactly what I wanted people to see. I want to place the work in a plaza, an open-air environment, where it could be affected by the weather melted in the rain, and broken in the wind, where the audience could interact with the work. When the work is damaged by the weather or by the touch of the audience, I want people to pay attention to the process and think about the intention behind it.

Unfired coloured flower and recycled plastic stem

Graphic design

Final Effect

An installation in plaza

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