The IPCC estimate that global sea level is increasing 1.7mm annually and is likely to accelerate in the future. Facing the chronic problem of global warming and rising sea levels, I sought the possibility of conceptual human high-rise housing by hypothesizing the flooding of cities in the next 200 years. That would allow the people to survive in a high-quality environment. If sea levels continue to rise, the urban might only have skyscrapers, roads, parks, and squares would be flooded. Thus, I want my building to grow upwards with the water. The inspiration came from the drawers of the Chinese medicine cabinet. Each drawer had the same size and could easily switch between them. Columns and beams can be imagined as cabinet, while each room can be moved like drawers by mechanical structure. Furthermore, as the sea rises, additional columns and beams can be built continuously, and the building can be reusable. I have designed a roof garden on the top and each floor has outdoor space. I have also designed four different sizes rooms to suit from a single person to a family. It is to ensure everyone can have enough living space and sunshine.


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