The problem of global warming is getting worse, one of the climate issues that I concern about is the melting of glaciers caused by it. Because of it, the situation of the polar bears is becoming more and more dangerous, so I decide to choose it as the topic of my project. In this project, I want to use the element of water as a key factor. Since as I see, the relationship between the water and the polar bears is strange, the sea can provide foods for polar bears, but at the same time, if the glaciers melts, the ocean would turn into a kind of disaster for polar bears. To some extent, water not only can help polar bears survive, but also be able to force them be in danger. This is the point that I try to present in my project that the potential dangerous for polar bears which associated with water and project’s name---“Disappear in the water” also comes from it. As we known, most of the time, water means the source of life or freedom sometimes, but my main task this time is to explore a way to show the bad side of water. Some of the possible hazards of water are also an environmental crisis which worth thinking about. What I’m going to do is to design a shoe based on this topic and try to let people notice the problems happened in the Arctic by this way.

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