As the climate crisis of global warming sweeps across the globe, the existential crisis for humans and the planet's creatures is becoming increasingly acute. With extreme weather, winters will get colder and summers will get hotter. It may be that humanity will die out in the near future, but the traces of human civilisation will be around for much longer. My work shows that after life is gone, the buildings and more non-degradable materials left behind by man will re-integrate with nature. In billions of years the rubbish of human civilisation may become the proof of our existence. I used clay, iron wire, straws, gypsum powder and other materials to create the works. I deconstructed and restructured these non-degradable materials, inspired by the shape of an iceberg. It's a sculpture, it can also be a hat. Perhaps in a long time, new life and new civilization will appear on the earth. When they found the piece, they might guess what it was used for and give it a new meaning.

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