This summer, the whole world is facing the problem of high temperature. Many regions have experienced continuous high temperature weather above 40 degrees Celsius. The climate crisis has finally caused human beings to be directly punished. My design was inspired by heat stroke known as the summer killer. It is the most serious of heat-related emergencies. Heat stroke has a mortality rate of up to 70%, and even if the patient is rescued, it can cause permanent brain damage. Heat stroke is like a hot dagger stuck in the human brain. So I chose two objects, the brain and the dagger, as the main body of the illustration. The thermometer on the dagger and the broken thermometer represents the temperature of the watch, indicating that this is a problem that humans cannot bear. And the brain pierced by the dagger, splashing blood, means that humans have no way to withstand the damage caused by high temperature. My introduction to heat stroke is written in the back, hoping that people can realize how terrible it is when extreme weather directly affects human beings.


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