The “Trash Isles” is located between latitude 35° and latitude 42° north, northeast of the Hawaiian Islands. The country is made up of countless garbage islands, where the stench and bacteria thrive, and the area continues to grow. Until recently, scientists have focused on the effects of plastic pollution on wildlife and human dinner tables. Recently, scientists at the University of Hawaii discovered another danger of plastic: It releases greenhouse gases as it breaks down. Scientists believe that plastic waste piling up in coastal areas, as well as being dumped into the ocean, could be a source of greenhouse gases and affect human survival. I studied and thought about the phenomenon and problems of the “Trash Isles”, and realized that the problem of plastic pollution is very serious. To draw attention to the “Trash Isles” and the plastic crisis, I designed a brochure called “Floating Island”, with ocean blue on the cover and red as a warning on the inside, in the hope that people would reduce their use of plastic and protect the environment.

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