As global temperature rise, glaciers are melting faster and faster.There is no doubt that it will lead to all kinds of serious problems in the world. Such as decrease in land area, the unknown ancient virus and the extreme climate. In this installation, I want to record the process of the melting glaciers through the candle burning.However,the burning candle is also a symbol of the burning life. And the run-down feeling from the shape of dripping wax oil is a harbinger of disaster. The clock on the ground is the embodiment of objective time. Melted wax oil drips into the clock. Wax oil fills and spills over the clock.The wax oil solidifies until the needle stops turning. It means the end of the life. Through my work, people can immerse themselves in the passing of time and life. I hope they can realize the importance of protection of the environment.

Glaciers are melting and time is freezing.

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