As we breath, cities around the world are sinking as an effect of Climate crisis. Some people might think flooding is a type of natural disaster which we need to face every year. However, has nobody noticed? Flooding has become more frequent over the last few decades. Thus, as research shows, the causes of the problem come from the ways that we live our lives such as changing from nature environments which adsorb water as forests to our modern infrastructure, or concrete cities. And that is the starting point of this project. The sinking city is a project that aims to raise concern about flooding. It reminds us that soil and trees are a key for our survival. Though an experiment, the project demonstrates the difference between sustainable cities and our concrete jungle. In the end, it leaves the audience with a question: which type of city would they prefer to live in? At the same time, it encourages them to take action now, before the next flooding comes.

The sinking city

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