The global climate crisis is entering a "new crisis era" as extreme weather events and natural disasters caused by climate change continue to increase. However, most of the public's understanding of the climate crisis is limited to global warming, but there are many other climate disasters that are silently consuming our lives. Sandstorms are a highly hazardous and disastrous form of weather that,I live in northwest China, where for the last 20 years people have been bathed in sand and dust as naturally as in sunlight, and where dust storms come as fiercely as their name implies. However, many people think that sandstorm is a trivial matter in the face of global warming. Therefore, I created this very small "Warning Notes". What I want to say is, whether it's the sandstorm or this book, which is small but powerful enough.   Looking back at history, data and news reports seem to be the most convincing, so I decided to add some data and news about the deaths that will occur because of the dust storms. I zoomed in on the figures and the news data was laid out in a jumbled order in the hope that the viewer would discover with curiosity what was behind the numbers. Through the Risograph printing method, the grain sense and pure color of the dust storm image are well reflected. Through this book, I hope to bring the "distant climate problem" back to people, so as to arouse the public's vigilance on sandstorms and warn people of the dangers of sandstorms.

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