My project uses craft and documentary photography to express how the changes in the environment as a result of the epidemic have made us wonder about the damage caused by past human destruction of the environment and the destruction of ourselves. The project was inspired by the artwork (Amber) and the documentary 'The Year of Earth Changes'. The presentation of the work I divided into two parts, the first part was to burn a full white dress to create a sense of fragmentation and then photograph it with some of the stone-shaped clay hearts, infusion tubes and household waste that I had made earlier. The second part is a pseudo-documentary of the planet set against a cool backdrop, which narrates the confined, and at the same time polluted, environment in which humans live every day. The aim is to show the real effects of these effects on our bodies and to protect the environment from ourselves. It is also to make us reflect on our disturbance of the environment over the years, and how, as a small part of nature, destroying nature itself is destroying us.

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