I was born in a time of peace, and war and the climate crisis seemed very distant and not directly relevant to me, but the truth is, they were all around me. One of my undergraduate courses was related to journalism. After taking this course, I began to consciously form the habit of reading news. So I have been paying attention to the war between Russia and Ukraine, and according to the recent event that US politician Nancy Pelosi visited to Taiwan, I began to think about what war has done. Then I found that the war would damage the surface of the earth environment, hurt animals in war zones, cause the pollution of soil and water. At the same time, the climate crisis can lead to a shortage of local resources, leading to a new geopolitical crisis and further resulting in the war, so war causes the climate crisis, and vice versa. This is a 2-minute video titled Why War Why Climate Crisis. I shot some materials from my life and selected some available materials from the Internet, then collaged and reassembled these video materials and sound materials to create a sense of dislocation. The speaker's picture and the sound of bombs, the picture of war and the sound of animals, some abstract symbols to convey a kind of irony: In the face of personal interests, the concept of human community is vulnerable, so war emerged, so the climate crisis was born.

Why war Why Climate Crisis

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