This work inspires by climate crisis, the materials I used were design programs to make prototypes of something I would like to do in the future. People contribute to global warming, destroy the environment, dump garbage and sewage into the ocean, cut down trees, that’s why I created some furniture and a prototype of a house to remind people to pay attention to the damage caused by the climate warming and how it has affected the ocean since today small grains of sand can bring about big changes. My purpose is to use the garbage from the ocean to create furniture and houses, it is about recycling and reusing materials that are friendly to the environment. The materials considered for my project are plastic bottles, fishing nets, plastic bags, straws, face masks. I hope that people become aware of the great problems that we face and with this idea to be able to make them reach the ears of more people. As designers, we must make people aware of the use of recycling and sustainable construction in order to contribute to the protection of the environment and the climate crisis. I drew inspiration from Luken, that it is a Mexican brand that manufactures furniture with 100% recycled plastic materials, in addition, its furniture is designed to be easily assembled at home, each piece recycles approximately 600 polyethylene bottles, one of the most difficult materials to reuse, this kind of edgy environmental concept sparked my motivation.

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