Nature for Sale is a digital image of an online shopping mall selling nature. It has an experimental concept that humans, for whom free nature doesn’t exist, can sell and buy it on virtual space. This work shows following three purposes. First, it criticises capitalism, which is the fundamental cause of the climate crisis through the concept of an online shopping mall. Second, it points out the nature we are losing through products such as ‘fresh air’, ‘bright sun’, ‘blue sky’ and ‘feeling of spring’. Lastly, it suggests a solution of how to overcome it through the elements of seed and soil which represent money. In making work, I was mainly inspired by Museum of the Future (by Tellart, 2017), A Funeral (by Yaoli Yu, 2021) and Price Tag of Nature (by Ni Chen, 2021) and these works helped me to come up with ideas and expand them into my own work. My working process can be divided three main parts. First, I designed the image of the website, referring to official websites of leading fashion brands and grocery stores. Then, I made products and took pictures of them. Particularly, mediums were selected depending on the features of each product. Lastly, I put them together and added detail such as price, size, and options to seem them real. Through this work, I want to give people an opportunity to recognise the seriousness of the climate crisis and lead them to better directions and further actions.

Nature for Sale

Mixed Media, 26x42 (cm)

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