The theme of this work is because of the climate extinct creatures, and I present them in this handmade book. It is full of creatures that became extinct in the Permian Biological Cataclysm. The main cause of this catastrophe was the sudden change of climate, and the power of the creatures became even weaker in front of the sudden arrival of extreme climate. I tried to make it as fragile and beautiful as possible, because I thought it would be difficult for the creatures to resist when these extremes came, and they were too fragile. There are five known mass extinctions, and if we don't think seriously about changing the situation, there is a high chance that the sixth one will happen to us. Therefore, I hope my work can make people feel the visual impact and think about the situation of the creatures at that time, which is so helpless and desperate. I hope to remind myself to take care of the environment and make an effort to protect the earth, so that extreme climate will not happen.

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