Water resources are an integral part of our lives. Air pollution and global warming are known to many people, but water pollution and water shortage do not seem to be widely noticed. I think it is because we now turn on the water faucet and water comes out easily, leading to people lack of attention to water conservation. Howerer, I have found that water shortages can put mankind at serious environmental risk. Through this journey, I have combined elements that represent drought, I want to let the audience directly understand the problem of water resource shortage we are facing through these shocking drought situations. By reducing the gray level of the main object, it forms a strong contrast with the clearly colored background, indicating the severity of the crisis. The red circle here represents the sun, indicating that the global temperature continues to increase, leading to the depletion of water resources. Red also serves as a warning here. I want to remind people that we are facing a serious water shortage problem, and it is urgent to protect water resources. Finally, it is presented in the form of collage posters.

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