The ‘Albatross’ is a data visualization poster. I tried to represent the information about how climate change affects the black-browed albatross through data graphs and illustrations. The climate crisis seems to be a problem that cannot be ignored, threatening the survival of every species on Earth. In the BBC documentary Blue Planet, black-backed albatrosses are forced to travel further for food and become more stressed by the effects of climate change, which has changed their lives. Responding to this context, my research focused on the black-browed albatross. I referenced the work of Beyond Words studio which shows visually the impact of reduced human activity on animal ecology during the blockade. I referenced the work of Beyond Words studio to create narratives through the visualisation of data. I therefore attempted to create a visual poster that would translate the various types of data from the albatross into accessible visual narratives. My intention was to use data visualisation as a cognitive tool in an attempt to show the destructive effects of climate change on birds and their habitats. Through the visual presentation of these visualisations, I hope to give the audience a visual understanding of the dire situation the albatross is in. I also hope to provoke the viewer to further understand or consider the serious impact of human behaviour on the birds.

black-browed albatross

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