High temperatures are the result of extreme weather. Although they already exist in daily life, people are often unaware of this problem due to the protection of machines such as air conditioners. The things in our lives still look so beautiful. The trees are leafy, our domestic pets and plants are alive and healthy. But what if we lose our shelter? “Burning without Fire” is a thermally sensitive interactive work. Turn on the heat lamp and you'll see what such peaceful images will look like in the heat. Of course, you can turn off this switch to lower the temperature and you will see the original beautiful scenery. This is not to say that what has been destroyed can be restored, but that we are not in the most extreme state. That is, not just this exhibit, you have the opportunity to do something in real life to control the real "heat switch" to protect the things around you and others.

Burning without Fire - Thermally Sensitive Interactive Objects

This video will show how the images change.


To show a specific item that may be burned.


Spheres simulate the Earth.


Burned items represent something around us in daily life.


Thermochromic inks/ canvas/ brush/ easel/ heat lamp


To find the best form and texture.

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