This mask was inspired by this year's unusually hot weather and my own experience of fainting due to heat stroke. In the process of chatting with my friends, their state of being troubled by the hot weather made me realize that everyone is surrounded by the climate crisis, which does not only exist in places that seem far away from people, such as the South Pole and the North Pole. So I chose heat as my theme and I developed it. In the subsequent development of this work, I used acrylic boards and wool felt. Among them, the wet felt of wool felt could give people a sense of being airtight and difficult to breathe, thus reflecting the feeling of people after heat stroke. In addition, the frosted acrylic sheet has a vague feeling, which I think can illustrate the human being's bewilderment in the face of such extreme weather. In the whole project, Eliasson's Ice Watch (2014) and Quinn's Support (2017) gave me a lot of support and direction for thinking, especially the artwork Support. From this work, I got the concept of the "hand" and found that it can be related to performance, behaviour and feelings after heat stroke. So I used the shape of the hand as a key point to indicate heat stroke.

Outline of the development

color & combination of it and outline

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