The name of this documentary is "gaze". I chose "gaze" as my theme because I found that people tend to avoid or ignore things they can't see. For the sake of our future, these things that we avoid or that we sacrifice selectively need to re-enter our vision, and we need to gaze and examine ourselves. The earth can't speak, nor can the injured animals. Let's re-examine the development process of human beings through their eyes, and see what our ancestors once owned but now human beings need to ask for. The culprit of the climate crisis has never been mankind's desire for advanced ideas, but its arrogance in choosing what is right and what is easy.


The project of UAL’s Pre-sessional English course, aimed at responding to social concerns about the climate crisis.


Our ancient ancestors created ancient rituals out of reverence for nature, and art (music, dance, painting) was born from that time.


The arrival of industry has cut off the link between us and nature with round the clock machinery and billowing smoke


The city at 40 ° was burned by invisible flames, but everyone pretended to be calm and turned a deaf ear

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