I wanted to use a poster to show my installation ‘Polamazer’ which was about global warming. My installation aimed to attract the audience’s attention to glaciers melting and polar bear survival problems. I have been influenced by some documentaries and advertisements: ‘The White Planet’ and the ad ‘Coca-Cola’. I thought the installation had power and it could allow people to think. This was the reason why I chose this. The blue area and orange area represent the glacier and global warming respectively. The maze represents the issue of this global warming. I wanted to exhibit this installation for 12 days to show how these 2 areas changed in size; the blue area get smaller and the orange area larger. For the material, I selected glass and light because the glass was eco-friendly and it could reflect the light. Besides, the light was powerful and it could tell a story, like ‘The Godfather’. The very interesting point was that I used some cameras to record the audience’s reactions and feelings. After that, I made a time-lapse photography video to show those feelings and upload that on the website. For me, I like the idea of exhibiting for 12 days and using cameras to record the viewer’s feelings. And also, I like the name of this installation, ‘pola’ means polar bears; ‘maze’ means the issue of global warming; ‘er’ means people. I think it will be more meaningful for this installation.


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