My work is called 'Hurricane Hazards' and what I have done is a notice board. I have used a collage of simple elements such as houses, trees, pedestrians and cars in my design. When a tornado comes, they are all blown into the wind, which is where the name tornado comes from. It can sweep through everything. Early warning signs are that some climatologists are able to monitor this extreme weather phenomenon in advance so that much harm can be reduced. Everyone should learn how to deal with extreme weather phenomena to avoid the more dramatic effects of these disasters. When I designed the piece on the theme of weather crisis, I wanted to focus my ideas on a specific weather phenomenon. After that, I then did some searches on the subject. I found that tornadoes are actually quite common and like many extreme weather phenomena, people always think they are far away, but when they actually happen, they are unavoidable. I hope that this work will give people who see it a sense of respect for these weather crises by making them aware of the great danger of extreme weather.

Hurricane Hazard


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