The Climate crisis is a serious problem. Lots of media report the topic of global warming and melting glaciers on BBC, Youtube, etc. In addition, some experts claim that the glaciers are melting faster due to the global warming. I designed an installation to allow audiences to experience the melting process of glaciers inside it. I hoped that this would give people the opportunity to think more deeply about this issue than they would from simply reading it on media reports and posters. To make this experience a better representation of the impact of the climate crisis, a large amount of water vapour is emitted. In addition, it also reflects the resource consumption, as well as carbon emissions. Furthermore, the installation was made of glass and then covered with crushed ice to simulate the shape of a glacier. This not only creates a safe environment for the audience but also means that the melting process of the glacier can be seen through the glass. The inspiration for this work also comes from the film ‘Mist’. The fog reflects the unknown and fear. I think this feature can also make the audience more reflective. This project hopes to draw public attention to the climate crisis, at the same time calling for reducing the over-exploitation of energy.

The Melting Glaciers

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