How can we create our own action for the climate crisis? My final work is a rubbish bin called Art Materials. I used rubbish that I had collected over a week to create this art work. In this work, I came up with an action about climate crisis that uses recycled materials to created an art work. During this process, I realised it would be a challenge for me to improve my own daily habits. What can I use a weeks rubbish for? What is the impact of recycling a week of rubbish? The experiment predicted how the rubbish in a week should be used and a box with rubbish that was used as "art material" was my response. The purpose of the work is to start thinking and practice through the "process" and "action" of collecting rubbish within a week, and make conjectures to get an unknown work. Through this piece, I am calling on everyone to take action and build their own habits to change the climate crisis.



Final work

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