Will humans have to migrate like migratory birds to survive in the future? Migration Hourglass is a mixed media artwork that conveys the issue of the climate crisis. Nowadays, creatures on Earth are facing extreme environments. At the same time, many of them have no choice but to survive through migration. My concept is that humans may have to migrate like migratory birds in the future. I am inspired by my hometown Guandu a place that values the issue of birds. I came up with the idea through three inspirations: the egg shelter artwork made of branches, a photo illustrating migratory bird routes, and interviewing a bird watcher. To convey the invisible routes of migration, I decided to use natural materials, such as thread, and the eggshell. The Eggshell shows how we lose more and more land over time. On the other hand, threads are the symbol of the invisible routes and the shape of an hourglass. In order to show those threads, I sewed them on the back side of the paper and used the light to reveal the invisible routes of migration.

Migration Hourglass

Made of thread, the eggshell, light, and digital media

Materials Testing

Light Testing

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