My art work’s is called “Our Possible Future”. I want to use my work to show that in the future if we continue to consume energy as we do now, perhaps our future will be as look as my painting. I using the ice like colour to show the character, I mixed the colours of the earth together to get it. The excess heat that is expelled will eventually be enjoyed by humans themselves and in the end, they melt like ice. The green man could also be envisaged as embodiment of the earth, because the Earth's environment will be overwhelmed in the future, just like a melting ice. I use a contrast colour to draw a blue net, which can be clearly seen, and the net represents people are bound by what they do. Yellow line means they are unreal, that a kind of fantasy like we will be living in a boiler-like environment with penguins and polar bears who have lost their homes. All this is a consequence of human behaviours. I want to make an appeal to people to save energy and reduce emissions, which is my final goal.

Our Possible Future

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