Haze weather has always been one of the worrying problems in the climate crisis. For this reason, I made a set of interactive installation trees to reflect this phenomenon and appeal to people to pay attention to haze weather. The main image of the installation is a ‘Populus Euphratica’, this tree can protect itself in a dust and sand environment and purify the air, which matches the theme of my project. In the interactive form, I got the inspiration from the story of Adam and Eve stealing the forbidden fruit. At the same time, the trunk changes from gray to green to symbolize the improvement of the climate. When you touch the small ball, the bright ball is extinguished. This happened again when you touch it again. This means that every time we pay attention to the haze weather, we will reduce the spread of a climate crisis. Step by step, until we extinguished all the haze balls, the haze weather will be defeated by us. I designed this installation in the hope that people can start from now on, treat our only earth kindly, and take action to save the same sky we breathe.







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