I think it is only when you have actually experienced it yourself that it becomes memorable and that you share it with others. In this work, I used the concept of ‘immersion’ as a way for people around the world to experience the damage caused to animals by climate change. This will also give us a chance for thinking about the need for environmental protection measures not only for humans themselves, but whether we should also care for the environment that animals are now facing. In the process of creation, I wanted to use water as a platform to awaken people to think. When the experiencers enter the 39 degree Celsius pool in their wetsuits, they feel the feelings of the marine animals very directly. The prolonged hot water environment gives visitors the process of going from comfortable to uncomfortable, so that's why I called the project spa room. The name also has two opposite concepts, the gradual discomfort will give the experience a deep reflection on climate issues. The immersion experience is very different from other exhibitions in that this format allows the issues on display to be reflected directly on the experiencer. This is an important reason why I decided on this format. Moreover, this movement inspires people to put their thoughts online and discuss it with each other, which is a very profound movement.

Spa Room

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